Monday, 1 April 2013

A is for Acceptance

Acceptance such a small word ( in comparison with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) with such a life changing impact if you do it right , i have no idea why my font just suddenly changed but lets accept it and move on :p

To Accept something means to believe that regardless of what this something is, it is likely to be a fact, an obstacle, something you can do nothing about (not without hurting somebody anyway), something different perhaps even new that can bring change or provides the potential for change anyway .
As humans a large majority of us fear change we are mostly raised to treat different is bad or wrong, and so we retaliate we try to prevent change from occurring , we are stubborn and we pay dearly to avoid accepting things, naturally by we I actually only mean a large proportion of humans I don't mean me and you and you and you oh and even you , in fact I do not include myself in this category most the time , so basically we fight hard to keep things the way they are because honestly we don't think that any good can come of change , regardless of what history has proven.

This has lead me to believe that acceptance in essence is simply acknowledging that fear and getting over it , believing that maybe just maybe  more good will come from this than bad, perhaps it is just as basic as believing that ultimately everything is going to be alright.

Acceptance comes in a all shapes and sizes, it varies from the smallest of things to things that make millions of people protest, but the truth is the way it works the way you get to it is the same regardless. If you regularly take a morning walk or jog for example and this one morning it was pouring down you can either say oh well and stay at home because it was raining thinking that you are simply accepting the fact and dealing with it ( which you wouldn't be , that is acknowledging not accepting) or you could realize that unless you live in a very muddy area where you would be likely to slip , that it doesn't matter if its raining hell it is more enjoyable ! and you need to wash your clothes and get in the shower after you are done anyway so it does not really make a difference .....

ok not the most inspiring of examples but serves the purpose! Accepting bring power it provides you with inner strength to do what may be necessary which at times is nothing, it does not change you or your essence it does not make you weak or less of a person au contrair ! I have found accepting difference to provide more flavour and variety in life hell it spices it up making it more colourful , i am currently accepting that blogger is being stupid and giving me red squiggly lines because i am using British spelling.... you can feel free to read the rest of the blog in a British accent now :D

This word is particularly dear to me because I am an outcast in my blood family anyway for being different, but this journey of not being accepted and treated like a monster has opend my eyes to how accepting of other people i am , the most difficult kind of acceptance is accepting yourself or in my case accepting that i was fighting fr a lost cause , that was hard for me to accept because i thought i was close to my father, but now that i have accepted that i am finding my strength to be myself .

I know it isn't an easy thing to do in fact it requires a reasonable amount of courage to truly accept the things we can not change , but when you do it can make the world of difference not only to you but sometimes to somebody else too .

Equal marriage for example ...( no that was not the reason i chose this word !!)it does not effect you regardless of if you are straight, christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, a-sexual,dog,cat,car,fire truck,sponge bob, Easter bunny , you surely get the point ....  it does not effect you , it will not change your life in the slightest, but by accepting it ,  it will change the lives of so many people...

Bottom line kids ... Acceptance is good , Ignorance is harmful 

Oh and I am quite sorry that this blog was not inspirational ,my brain is fuzzy for some reason , hopefully the next ones will be better :D

Accept yourself... you are Amazing. 


  1. And you my friend are the epitome of amazing!

    By the way, I always read your blog in a posh English accent in my head ♥

  2. Acceptance can be the most difficult, and yet the most rewarding attitude to have about a situation. If you can't change it, then what's the point in trying to fight it? Might as well accept.

  3. Totally with you on the equal marriage front. Acceptance of difference can be so hard for people and yet so good.

  4. Lovely ramblings of wise words Anthony! Acceptance begin with one's self doesn't it - and from there one learns to be accepting of others' view or whatever ... not injustice in any of its forms.
    So thank you for this amazing post - YOU are amazing!

  5. Acceptance, something we all strive for. Good luck with the challenge.


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