Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I am an Individual

Surely you saw this one coming! especially with it being in theaters in a couple of weeks!
I is for iron man!

ok ok I is not for Iron-man well it is but we won't talk about it, there is a number of things i could ideally talk about idealism being one of them or intimacy or intentions or even invitations but i will not.

"Everyone is like the rest of them that is why they are the rest "

What separates you from everybody else? we generally all have very similar features, granted some look slightly different some are shorter some are taller some are darker some are crazier , but what really is it that makes you different from your neighbor, your teacher or even your sibling?
what you identify as perhaps? no? ok you are right identity is only part of it but the truth is we really are the same , from the same mold..... the only thing that differentiates us from each other is what we do with the mold that we are given.

Individuality ! yes you are a unique individual there is only one of you even if you do look like the rest you hopefully do not behave like them( if you do then stop it !) the way each person reacts to the same set of events or situation is different even if it is a slight difference it is a difference, and these little things gathered together make a unique individual out of you !

Are you an Individual? what makes you shine....

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