Thursday, 18 April 2013

O mg?

So not only am I late and will most likely continue to be late till Monday, but I was having so much trouble finding an O word and just a minute ago it struck me!

O is for Once Upon a Time!!!

if you are unfamiliar with this amazing show that comes second only to Grey's anatomy and that is nothing more than a matter of loyalty .... GO WATCH IT! what on earth are you waiting for, have you been living under a rock in a desert in the middle of nowhere with a lizard sleeping on it ?
Seriously as stated previously , nothing I can say about this show can do it justice it is simply perfect...

Think about it... it has beautiful women I still call dibs for eternity on the evil queen so look at the other ones! it has a fantastic story line that does not fail to exceed expectations, it has FAIRY TALES!! if you are not a fairy tale fan then i no offence but you simply suck and you need to start liking them or we can't be friends .... yes yes that is unreasonable and i am a child at heart .

So goooo watch the show! yes Lou this does mean you !

I just love this picture look at that breath taking face ! no actually don't look at it ... DIBS!!!


  1. I'm a once upon a time fan as well. And seriously - why was O so hard?!

  2. I watched half this show and missed the rest! I must catch up somehow.

  3. Lol.. Okies.. I still have NOT checked it out, but it is in my list of 'to watch'... lol

    Sorry for the delayed comment!

    Miss Lou


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