Thursday, 11 April 2013


We are living in a technology based era, one of its highlights is speed, you can receive your mail within seconds, you can be in another continent within a matter of hours, hell you can even have your grocery shopping delivered to you when you choose, machines do most the work and so everything is done much faster than it used to be.
Although this is highly convenient for the most part , it has made us rather impatient, we want everything done yesterday, now if you put aside how that does not benefit us within a work environment and what it actually costs us, we can focus on how it actually effects are personal lives and relationships with one and other.

Do you remember when the last time you got to know a random stranger was? someone who was not introduced to you by a friend or a work relation, somebody who's life isn't really that connected to yours at all(except well if you go to the same Ikea for example or walk your dog in the same park stuff like that is fine) when was the last time ? too long is the likely answer here and yes i will admit this applies to me too.

Do you know why it has been too long? because our lack of patience has lead us to make this error that we all try not to fall in to but do anyway, we make the mistake of judging others so quickly, most of us have grown to be judgmental people, now i am not saying you are a bad person, i am saying it is something we do without being completely aware of it, for example somebody might not want to say thank you or even smile at the cashier that served him/her because she has blue hair, or he has a scar on his face, or you avoid somebody because they may look scary to you, his shirt has a red stain on it oh god he must have been beating somebody up, oh it's a pit bull that is a vicious terrible creature! get my point?

Judging people is bad you don't know who they are what they are or the path they walk so don't do it! and by don't do it that does include don't judge yourself based on other people's behavior either( this is a conversation for another day .

Should I of talked about the Jabberwocky instead?

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