Thursday, 28 February 2013

The rest of the days

Day 24. Your favorite movie & what it’s about.
I don't have a favorite movie in all honesty I like too many , I like all Queen Latifah movies , I generally likes movies that leave you inspired like patch adams I also like most sandra bullock movies , funny movies meaningful movies , superhero magical movies! yeah i don't have a favorite :p 

Day 25. Someone who fascinates you and why.
I want to talk about one particular person but I won't because frankly I am mad at her which makes this a difficult question.

Marie is a friend very dear to my heart, she never ceases to fascinate me every single time we talk , she is the friendliest most warm hearted kindest person that i ever know with abnormal strength in fact i would go as far as thinking of her as a mighty woman  , she is beautiful in every single way that you can possibly think of , very brave very passionate about every thing she believes in and everyone she loves , somebody i admire and look up to and could not imagine my life without .

Day 26. What kind of person attracts you.

In Theory  I believe that I am attracted to smart women who are kind, witty, funny,strong of heart and strong of mind, women that stand their own ground and don't take shit from anyone , women that can tell the difference between a male and a man , old fashioned yet modern if that makes sense , someone that doesn't mind change or challenge , but most importantly someone that is just normal and down to earth that although hopefully honest and loyalm has flawsm that may talk too much and whine and be at times un realistic , that likes to potentially come up with crazy ideas or even new colours , a real woman a human being , that is the person i am attracted too. 

Day 27. A problem that you have had
ok fine fine not all humans , just the majority of the ones i know that i would not consider real humans.

Day 28. Something that you miss.
My Uncle .

29. Goals for the next 30 days.
Write my dissertation ! which is why I am finishing this challenge today so I can focus on writing it this week and presenting my supervisor with a draft.

Day 30. Your highs and lows of this month!

Do NOT!!! get me started.


  1. Love, what you see in me is simply a refection of yourself... for I am just a kid finding my way in this big grown up world.

  2. not true! I am learning from you though :D


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