Thursday, 4 April 2013

Delightful !


My favorite part of the night is dreams! because! I know you I walked with you once upon a dream... I know you the gleam in your eyes is soooo familiar a gleam.

Ok ok we are not talking about those kind of dreams its more the longer lasting ones, what did you dream of being when you were a little humanling ? my current dream is to take over the world :D  I am quite passionate about this because there is so much that needs fixing , since authorities and authority figures do pretty much nothing i would like to be the authority figure that makes them do it, so unfortunately that means world domination by ME! ( don't worry you will all enjoy it).

Dreams come in all shapes forms and sizes, it is one of those few things that we all can have, it doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like, where you come from or what colour your socks are! anybody can have any dream they want to be honest any one can also achieve that dream... unless its something impossible for the time being like talking sharks or ridiculous like a human sized smurf (size matters!)

Always always always! have a dream, allow yourself to dream and most importantly! do not let anybody get in the way of your dreams or tell you that they don't matter,or that they are stupid, or that they are impossible, AND if any body does try to say that .....tell them they can mind their own darn dreams, because they are just jealous they can not be as creative as you are :D

Now listen to this song and dreaaaaam a little dream of me ( i may have gotten a bit carried away and started singing there but shhh )


  1. I always dreamt of being a singer and actress. I also, apparently, wanted to be a farmer's wife once too!

    I'm so lucky that I'm getting to tick off my list of dreams right now, but there are always bigger, better ones to replace them!
    Coffintree Hill

  2. I wanted to write. Check.

    I wanted to be loved, and have someone to love. BIG CHECK!

    I wanted to be a mother. Delightfully, chaotically checked.

    I wanted to change the world. Check. Didn't send them off to school. Stopped bossing them around. Really got to know them. Incredible people.

    And when they want to fly or make Pokemon real or sell lemonade on our country road, I do not tell them their dreams aren't just as possible as mine.

    Toasting your dreams, and all dreams!

  3. I have loads of dreams. When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming a painter or a vet.

    Now my dream is to visit England and Japan and live there at least for a while.

    Another dream of mine is to own a cat and a dog.

    I'm hoping to study art in England(so it would be like killing two birds with one stone). The problem is the expensive tuition, but I'm determined to find a way to make it work.

    Good luck with your dream, hopefully we'll live in a better world one day. =)

  4. I use to dream a lot about spaceships....the entire night sky full of all different types, shapes and sizes..I was always hiding in a bush with my sister and telling her this is how we got here!! Sounds weird huh?! True!

  5. I love this Anthony!! So true, and so entirely sad, how we can go through this journey we call life, and often loose sight of the concept dream, and in most cases loose it :(

    I love the way you used the tangled clip for this one.. lol It REALLY REALLY captures many of the things we dream about... much of which has to do with making human connections - whether it is about finding the one in love, (or many).. lol.. or building something amazing that has a positive effect on other peoples lives!! *races back to post C, and D and possibly E in Pinkopolis*

    *huggles you* Pinkopolis Admin Miss Lou Lou

  6. Desirability has been posted! Loved it. Wonderful thought processes that take place in that mind of yours Anthony. :D


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