Thursday, 18 April 2013

No is one of my favorite words, not because I mean it but because I like how it flows when I say it, it is short concise and powerful, and of course I make it sound cool obviously.

But on a more serious note .... we often speak about the power of " YES!" and it is true this is a powerful word, however we often underestimate the power of "NO" , actually it more disrespect rather than underestimate, ever since we are little kidlings we jump at the yes, and always think that a no actually means maybe or yes if i nag enough.... which is fair enough as a child , most the wants are rather basic simple and somewhat harmless.

However this behavior can grow with some of us and No never means No, which creates a huge problem in society in my opinion, because we have learnt to disrespect the "NO", yes it is a very powerful word that can destroy lives in seconds such as a loan being declined , an application to school being refused anything really, it is quite disheartening when somebody simply says no , but don't let that no get in the way of achieving your dream because nobody can stand in your way of that.

But that doesn't mean that in certain situations we do not accept the no or we do not say no, when you are feeling pressured something you do not want to ... you can say no it is within your right and it does NOT! make you a bad person, No is a choice that you are allowed to make. When somebody is uncomfortable with your actions and says no stop you should respect that because if you don't you are in a way violating the other person's will.

it is true that No can destroy lives, but at times it can also save some.

sorry for the delay I am a bit behind courtesy of man flue and school!

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  1. I agree that 'No' has a bad reputation. It is a hard word for a lot of people to say and hear.

    Have fun with a-z. :)


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