Wednesday, 1 May 2013


W is for water because I can't think of anything else that starts with a W that is as awesome as water, our planet is predominantly covered with it, our bodies are predominantly made of it! we literally can not live with out it, the main component of our cellular structure is water! yet we give it so little importance,instead we fill our bodies with drugs and juices and alcohol and energy drinks that just screw up the minerals and water levels in our bodies.
when in many cases all you need is healthy amounts of water daily and a good diet, yes i realize that this is not a coherent conversation that's ok, the point is Water is important! so take care of it, don't waste it as many people can only dream of clean drinkable water, don't pollute it , it is an entire eco system for millions of creatures.

W is also for wonder, something we lose track of so often , let us find or create some wonder in this lovely world of ours :D

well we couldnt have a W post without Wonka now could we!

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  1. Ofcourse, absolutely no W post without Willy wonka. Not happening.. lol Speaking of.,. I recently brought that through Itunes for the babies and they absolutely lvoe it (the original that is, not the one with Johnny Depp) Although I do Love Johnny Depp, but NOT as Willy Wonka!

    Love the stuff about water, and so very true about not taking it for granted because there are many of us who do not have access to it and as a result have very challenging lives.


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