Thursday, 28 February 2013


Day 20. How important you think education is.

Education is literally a weapon for more than one reason, it can be used for fighting ignorance , to get a semi decent job and you kinda have to read so you can hit people with books, ok ok no seriously especially with the way the world is now an education gives you an advantage or a push for you to be chosen for a job so to speak it also gives you another opportunity to network and meet new people but more importantly it opens many doors!
of course there is no need for me to go in to how important it is especially for women outside of first world countries , it becomes a life line that can free you and ensure a future , there isn't much more i would want to add to be honest education is important i think of it as vital and everyone should have the opportunity to have a proper education at any stage of life.

Day 21. One of your favorite shows.
 Well this is a tough one , it is a toss between Greys anatomy and Once upon a time, Once upon a time is going to have to win though purely because of the magical aspects and my ongoing imaginary relationship with Regina !

Cmon it has beautiful women , a magnificent story line or well lines ! and it is DISNEY! based or fairy tale based whichever you prefer they are one in the same to me , so what is not to love ? the effects are pretty awesome too .

Day 22. How have your changed in the past 2 years.
I would say refer to the previous post about the highs and lows of the last year, I have also learnt to be cold and more self reliant , I have learnt that sometimes you have to put yourself first although I am still bad at that , I have learnt that there are always people that will love you for who you are and you should not let them go , the little things are all that matter the little things are what make the big picture not the grand gestures, of course there is the usual women are confusing as fuck! how am i supposed to know what you want if you don't know what you want even after saying what you want which is not really what you want! and yeah just refer to the previous post :p

I have also learnt though that I am good at handling bad situations although my patience is something i am currently disliking.

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