Sunday, 28 April 2013

Right then....

Warning: this post may seem slightly egotistical .

R is for Right

Which I am most the time, wither that is fortunate or unfortunate is still debatable, but it does not change the fact that I am mostly right.Quite cocky of me to say I know and I apologize, but this is something I have known for a long while and naturally I have to test the limitations , which i have done on many occasions, only to find that I am still mostly right unless guessing is involved and no logical thinking is used.

What is being right though? we don't live in a world by ourselves where there is only your standards and understandings to take in to consideration, although it would make things a bit easier ( you wouldn't have anybody but yourself to apply it to ! ), other angles of a situation must always be taken in to consideration this includes what other think, thought, and will think given what ever circumstances are occurring and the logic behind it.
Being right does not necessarily mean that you are right, it is really just a statistic your brain works out without you knowing how exactly that predicts the outcome of the situation, even if the outcome is wrong and not what you believe or want.

on many occasions I don't like being right because with me it is associated with hurt, hurt that can be avoided if I am willing to give up my self but then that will bring us to 2 other R words, if I avoid hurt it means I walk down the resent path and will forever resent if not hate myself because in some situations avoiding hurt leads you to become somebody that is not you, which brings us on to the final R word for today....

Do you know how I know I am right and how I don't look back? I do not have Regrets ( when it comes to things I have been right about ) and that is how I know I am right, if my conscience is clean and not regretting anything I know that I made the right choice/ decision, how do you know when you are right?

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