Friday, 22 February 2013

Day 14. Your earliest memory.
This is a tough one especially since I actually have developed memory issues within the last year ( yes we know why that happened!) I remember the ice cream van oh i remember i had a toy bull that completely 
disappeared, oh and that i liked running around in my underwear and shouting like tarzan , does that count as my earliest memory ? 

Day 15. Your favorite blogs
hmmm there are so many I like lou lou's blog of course that goes without saying, one of my favorite blogs has to be Ali Brosh's which can be found at just love it and pretty much all the blogs she has advertised ,  naturally the lovely Marnie's blog is just Bloody amazing ! this is a pretty awesome blog too actually if i keep going i am going to just post all the blogs on my favorites !!

Day 16. Your views on mainstream music.
is it disney? is it jazzy? is it classicy? can i sing it ? if its not then my view is that I do not like it !

But I do generally love music especially acoustic , or maybe i just love listening to certain people's voices? it might be a bit of both because i just adore a good pair of pipes! Lady G has a decent set on her , lizzy does too when she doesn't burst in to giggles, there is a lass called lona who literally has the voice of an angel , there are many more i know and to me they are my mainstream music :)

And ! I was discussing earlier with somebody I heard a song that was a blast from the past " The Ugly Bug Ball" listen to it !!!

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