Friday, 5 April 2013


E is for Equality, now this is going to be a fairly simple short post for all intents and purposes.This being due to the fact that I believe my self to be a fairly good intelligent logical man for the most part, unless chocolate is involved or steak or pie... any how! this also applies to the company i keep and all you lovely readers so!

To put it simply without lecturing or prolonging... we are all born equals, regardless of , background,colour,ethnicity,clothing style,sexual orientation, financial background,religion,beliefs and many other things i can't think of at the time being, we are equal, we all have a nose and 2 eyes and arms and legs and brains, granted some brains seem to be of better quality but that is neither here nor there( as long as they stay there).

Nobody is born better than any one else and nobody dies better than any one else, however in saying that some people do strip themselves from the right of being equal to other human beings by not being human beings basically ( this is my personal opinion of course) like people who without a valid reason which does include a mental condition, kill in cold blood especially if they kill kids, rapists naturally , and animal abusers, naturally the list goes on but you get the gist of it, if you behave like less than a human you naturally will  not be equal to  a human.

So! we are Equals, any body who tells you other than that is an inbred heathen .


  1. Interesting take. All humans are equal except the ones that don't act like good humans.

  2. Did I say that? I am quite certain I did not. if you do not behave like a human, plenty of people do not do all of the things mentioned above and are not even remotely good people ( naturally what defines good varies) but that does not mean they are not human. However raping someone just because you felt like it in my book makes you less of a human, even animals have the mutual consent thing going(mostly).


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