Sunday, 14 April 2013

L is for the way you look at me...

L is for Logic!

Logic dictates that there is no reason to talk about love and life and laughter because let's face it , in one way or another we experience them daily, the use or interaction with logic however seems to be not only on the decrease, but almost facing extinction, which is pretty much saying that common sense should be renamed to rare sensibilities or uncommon sense.

Many things defy logic nowadays because people choose to deactivate that portion of the brain ( yes this is a metaphor and not scientifically accurate at all ) and ignore it, these things continue because the use of logic nowadays makes you stand out, and anybody that stands out is pretty much shot down, which is why evolution is prevented from intruding and making logic a normal every day thing.
Sadly it seems that people prefer having a lack of logic in their lives...

Something that struck me as illogical recently is scented toilet of course i had to find another use for it since it had a nice smell and it was quite soft i elected to use it for my nose whilst it battled a cold and that was good and comfortable, however for the life in me i do not get why it was invented..if we were dogs who greeted each other by sniffing arses I would completely understand it, however thankfully we do not use our nose or arse to greet each other in fact in many cases we barely use physical contact sometimes we even just talk from 2 meters away .

So! do we really need to make logic in to some sort of trend for people to realize just how amazing it truly is ? surely we have brains for reasons other than to satisfy basic physical needs... so why don't we bloody use them! if you have work in the morning logically you should not go out drinking till the wee hours of the morning the night before....
If you can not afford something... do not buy it.
If you are allergic to something.. do not eat it.
If you do not understand something...ask,read,research,learn.
If you can not stand someone... do not hang out with them.
if you regularly get colds without having any kind of physical reason why... start putting more clothes on.

Really it is soooo simple that it is sad when people do not use logic.
I actually can't think of anything that can not logically be solved.... try me !

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  1. Haha, I didn't even know there was scented toilet paper. Nose blowing would definitely be a good use for it. Other than that, I have to agree with you, why was it even invented??


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