Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Honor Humbleness Humility Honesty Hastiness Hard-headed

These are all ingredients ( not all of the ingredients) that are involved in the making of a hero, super powers are not necessary after all you can have a superpower but if you lack the rest then you will most likely end up being something else.

What would you define a Hero?

To me it is a person that you can look up to possibly even idolize (although knowing they are not always right) because of what they stand for, someone that can go out of their way to make somebody else's life a little bit easier. A hero is someone that can make you believe not only in something bigger but also in your self!

Anybody can be a hero, it starts of with little things and grows with you, something as little as helping an old lady with her shopping or helping a blind man cross the road can be your first step towards being a hero.
Since  you do it because you believe it the number of people that will see you as a hero will be limitless although you do not know it, you may be somebodies inspiration to be a better person or even a new hero.

I have many inspiring heroes in my life ok yes p!nk isn't exactly in my life but she is still a hero to me!
can you spot your heroes?


Hats are absolutely awesome!

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  1. Christopher Reeve, a former Superman, was a hero to me. He tried to his dying day to overcome the injury which shattered him, and gave incentive to others as well. As for hats--people hardly wear them any more.


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