Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B is for....

Bernese mountain dog!!! oh I want one I want one I want one !!!


This is the original word for B today however it has been changed, in saying that I am still going to give my 5 cents about Bambam regardless! Yes this does refer to Bambam from the Flintstones cartoon/movie.
The way I see it the pressure to be more macho and express machoness is on the increase lately which is not necessarily bad, sadly the perception of macho counteracts my statement of not necessarily bad …… nowadays machoness is being a Bambam from the strength perspective not the full on strong chivalrous silent nice guy , which makes me sad.

Males using physical strength to prove that they are manlier or that they are superior, just to feel better, this is completely wrong on every level.
Why is it that we are at an age and time where being nice, respectful, a gentleman in essence is not good enough?

That is a rhetorical question that I know the answer to but do you? And how can we stop this caveman phenomenon from spreading?


  1. Wish I knew.

    It would be so nice if "men" my age remembered what it meant to be manly. No. Not full of hot air. Or being an asshole. Or being pumped or more aggressive.

    Because right now, I'm despairing.

    And sorry if there's a real man out there reading this. You'll know who you are (because that's a sign of being a man) and you'll know I'm not talking about you. (Because that's a sign of your confidence. Nor arrogance. Confidence.)

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    1. *not

      Neurotic, I know, but that would have bothered me for hours. ;-)

  2. Well Misha I have to say please don't despair, we are out there and one of us is sure to find you when you least expect it :)

  3. Fellow a-z challenger stopping in to wave hello. My neighbor has to Bernese mountain dogs and they are the biggest puppies I have ever seen. They must eat a ton. And as for men behaving like cave men... perhaps we could blame it on genetics? yeah...I didn't think so :)

  4. I used to love Bambam! :-)
    I don't know why some men behave like cavemen while others are more civilised - perhaps we encourage it from an early age through characters just like Bambam.
    Interesting post. :-)

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    1. it is encouraged at an early age, the gender bias is horrible even though in many places they are trying to be more equal with everything now and encourage a child to be more whatever they want to be , machoness is still the main image of "manhood" sadly

  5. YAY!! When are you moving in? Can we get two? They would be lonely as just singles! Are these the same as St. Bernard's? It does not matter if they are not, as they look very much the same!

  6. we can get 2 one for me and one for you !! no they are not like st.bernard's they are prettier and less slobbery


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