Sunday, 24 February 2013

Days 18 & 19

                                                          Day 18. Your beliefs.

There is too much that I believe in so elaborating on all of it will render me responsible for providing you with laser eye surgery or glasses and a trip to the doctor at the very least , so how about I just mention some of the things that I believe in ?
I believe in Santa and no that is not absurd ! I believe in magic it dwells within all of us  the only difference is that we do not all have the capability of recognizing it in ourselves in others or even seeing the wonder in our surroundings .  I believe that beauty is everywhere , literally everywhere if you look closely enough and Joy is always lurking at the next corner , it likes to play hide and seek but it does exist !.
I believe that the majority of the human race are vile horrible creatures and that is because they do not use or even acknowledge their hearts any more . I believe that you can be anything and anybody that you wish to be, that there are no limitations whatsoever and the only thing that stands on your way easy, or the obstacle is that you allow to be put in your way.
I believe that every person is Superman, that we do not really know how strong we are but there is magnificent strength that resides within us.
I believe in respect I believe in order and loyalty, in humanity in chocolate in the potential that goodness still exist, i also believe that kindness solves many problems, that crying is not weakness that you do not need to be strong to be brave, and that a warm voice or  a smile (preferably combined) can make the worst day better .

is this enough as far as beliefs go ?

Day 19. Disrespecting your parents.

are we talking they asked you to butcher your cow that you raised since it was a calf and you refuse too , or they disapprove of  you living with your partner prior to marriage disrespectful or God forbid you are attracted to someone of the same sex disrespectful ( do you feel the sarcasm there ? )

or just plane old go to your room ! NO! I WONT YOU CANT MAKE ME !!! disrespectful?

Unless it is a good reason and it is unavoidable although you still have to be kind , you are never to be purposefully disrespectful to your parents , and let me clarify by parents i do not simply mean blood related , anybody that has played a parent figure in your life counts , you are never ever ever to be disrespectful for no reason and whenever you lose your temper and find yourself being disrespectful you show up with flowers you apologies and ask for forgiveness . If you were not fortunate and you were landed with bad parents you still try your best to be respectful consider it one of your tests in life , believe it or not it turns you in to a better person I mean look at me I didn't turn out so bad now did i ? ( the only valid answers here are yes you are alright , you are bloody awesome , you are so fantastic! etc..)

I will not lecture so bottom line is do NOT disrespect your parents , it is wrong on so many levels , and it will haunt you sooner or later.

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