Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2013 so far...

I think it has been quite an interesting year so far with a variety of both positive and negative aspects or shall we just call them neutral? meh no that is boring!

So far I have managed to behave myself and not scream out obscenities at every single person i know that deserves it , but on the bright side the number of such individuals has diminished significantly courtesy of new years resolutions ! ok so maybe I didn't actually make any resolutions other than " Be Brave" but I am not doing a bad job at making them as I go along one of them is to demolish lousy/boring/negative/questionable/plain people from my life sadly demolishing people is illegal and so I have somewhat settled for simply ignoring them and not talking to them as much as possible , now that is known as damage control which is not nearly enough soooooo I am hanging out with some pretty awesome new people , how do i know they are awesome you say?
well that is simple if you manage to get yourself in to a conversation with someone where any people listening to it would think you are mental and starts slowly calmly walking away , AND! they do not scare you or you may be 10% crazier ( at least in your mind ) then you have landed yourself an awesome friend potentially , if said conversations continue to occur and induce laughter and you do not bore from each other even if you spend prolonged hours doing tedious activities ( such as lectures) together then you have found yourself a friend or possibly even a partner in crime .

There may be a slight possibility that so far this year my tendencies towards evil have increased and it may not be the best idea but totally awesome that I also currently work in a Lab oh the possibilities!

Now we all know my blogging resolution didn't go down too well but maybe ill manage to turn that around? its not like I have essays and dissertations to write or anything ..... Bazinga! no but seriously I feel like I need to write more or more often perhaps, I have managed to only fall down twice in the snow this year which is a significant improvement! one was in the forest which was absolutely beautiful although finding a pair of boxers hanging in a tree in the middle of the forest isn't exactly comforting the fact that they were not covered in blood or ripped means that the previous owner probably just wanted to try to keep a part of the tree branch warm rather than he/she was eaten by a squirrel or a bear with superb table manners.

oh oh oh I got myself disowned by my family! for insisting to be myself, and within days got a marriage proposal which was very sweet sadly the wrong sex/gender ( shush Tani!!!I don't want to hear about it )and loads of other nice things from people that are now pretty much real family .

Spent a couple of random days completely relaxed , and my body found that a weird experience which of course raises some alarm bells , how could I of let my self get sooooo stressed to the point of not recognizing the sensation of relaxation if not joy?!? so perhaps more of that is in order , more positivity   more chocolate cake more niceness and more recognition of self worth !

I have had a roller coaster of  a year so far but somehow I have this feeling that it is all going to be just fine even though I am broke stressed with a huge battle ahead , I feel somewhat great and I am quite excited for this years Alphabet challenge !! I intend to be creative!

and now I shall shush since there is the remote possibility that you are all snoring and drooling on your keyboards :D

Be well and remember ( yes this is stolen from someone else)

Change your words, Change your World.


I am getting to talk a tiny bit more to the wonderful miss Sandra and the wonderful miss Lou Lou and I absolutely LOVE IT!!.

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