Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ever get the urge to just leave , walk out , sail away far far away from everything , escape may be the word i am looking for , that is what I feel like today , suffocated is what I felt like last week with the sensation tightening more each day and today I realized I am the scapegoat regardless of logic regardless of actions I am the scapegoat no matter how I may try to fight it or combat it nothing changes nothing will change it is literally like trying to fill a bucket that holes in it , except maybe i am the bucket with gun shot holes perhaps I should stop trying to fill the bucket to help every one else and focus on filling my holes instead?

ok that sounded wrong! but you know what I mean , so I want to take my Darls and sail away , I want to say I'm done to soooo many people grab some basics supplies probably a survival at sea guide and perhaps a fishing for dummies book, and just sail away maybe find an island away from modern day idiots and just battle my demons , build myself up maybe even build a tree house that would be soooo awesome! although that may mean i would not want to go back to mainland .

Do you ever want to just sail away in to the unknown because it seems probably friendlier than the daily crap you have to endure?

This too shall pass.


  1. I'm just glad you're taking me with you. Love you Tony ♥

  2. Where I go you go ! besides who better than you for such an adventure

  3. Have I told you lately how grateful I am to have you in my life? You should not be anybody's scapegoat and if I could whisk us away to somewhere isolated and peaceful I so would. You my friend are an absolute awesome human being and I love you big much!


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