Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Pancake Valentine Rule

                                                          Pancake DAY!!!

As we all know today the 12.02.2013 happens to be PANCAKE DAY!!! yes you read it right PANCAKE DAY!!! is my enthusiasm getting to you ? are you chanting pancake pancake!pancake! pancake! as you put your aprons on and march head on to the kitchen to mix that batter? no? well GO FRIGGIN DO IT! then come back and read the remainder of this blog of course as it contains vital information about the new pancake valentine rule :D

( It is only appropriate to have a pancake song in a pancake blog entry)

So as we have established , today is pancake day , I literally had nothing other than one glass of water at 9:20 am till i got home and started on my pancakes at about 8 pm , that is how dedicated I am to the cause , I bought Nutella and peanut butter I had the batter ready and the butter ready and was feeling rather creative after a conversation with the lovely G yesterday so I pulled out the Chocolate Chips! oh yes I did !
although we came to the conclusion that her pancakes and mine are different that being due to the fact that american pancakes much like many other american things ( no offence intended I say this with utter admiration when it comes to food! ) are fat and fluffy in comparison with the crepe like things we have here although ours are equally delicious ....

Despite my best efforts like every time I make pancakes they come out tasty and malformed even though the chocolate chips did help they were still panblobs rather than pancakes but here is a picture of a semi presentable cheese pancake I managed to make the last pancake for the day and potentially for pancake days ever after !

Not too shabby considering it was the best one , and I ate it! even though it well was kinda still not cooked in the middle but that is ok !

So let us get to the second point on this agenda i mean post!!

The Pancake Valentine Rule

As you can see there is only one day separating both pancakes day and valentines day and normally they are not too far from each other anyway , I have witnessed that many women have been whinging and whining about not having a valentine this year how they are going to be single for valentines day how one resorted to having a married person for their valentine because nobody else asked them out boobloodyhoo!

So I have instated a rule that can fix this problem and is nicer than what I would initially do ( which is tell the person to get a bloody grip you don't need a particular calendar day to express emotions get a gift and eat chocolate .... you have your birthday and birthday rehearsals ! ) . Now I am not saying all single women /men do this but this applies to the ones that do and the fun ones that don't .

So the rule is if you find yourself struggling to get a valentines date and there is someone you like that you are on good terms with that you would ideally want to spend v day with , you present them with pancakes on pancake day , this can be a surprise or you can make a day out of it up to you and your capabilities , and that automatically means that said person IF single ( this means don't present someone attached with pancakes because it voids the rule's terms and conditions ) will be your valentines as indicated by this rule .

if the person does not appreciate this gesture then they can be shot for disliking pancakes unless they are gluten intolerant .
if they throw a hissy fit then they are somebody you really don't want in your life
if they stand you up they can be shot
if they show up without chocolate they can be shot
if they do not make an effort they can be bricked
there are many other terms and conditions that we will not delve in to since you have a few more hours to go get yourself a valentine!

if you change your mind then you will suffer the wrath of the pancake

And if you are lucky enough to receive pancakes on this glorious day!
Then you have found yourself a keeper.


  1. can i make pancakes for myself? is that allowed in the rules?

  2. You can as an extra but when I am within proximity I will make you pancakes to your hearts content :D

  3. LOL then by your own rules, you're a keeper! (which by the way is so much better than being a creeper in my humble opinion :)

    Thunder buddies for LIFE ♥

  4. Claiming gluten intolerant.. but I still want to brick someone. Okay maybe with a nerf brick because I would hate to hear all the whining of someone who got hit with a real brick.... can I have peanut butter on my gluten free pancakes?


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