Saturday, 16 February 2013

Awesome-ish!! day :D

I just absolutely love that horse !
Now I am going to tell you about my awesome day then rant ( hence the ish )

Today I went to my first ever Comic-Con !!! :D yes i finally did ! now I am not a comic fan in fact I have only read one comic book in my life , now don't get me wrong I am still a geek I love superheroes and all that but anyway!!

It was AWESOME!!! all those costumes all those people all those swords!!! yes we know I have a thing for swords ...... all the effort some people have put in to their costumes hell some where handmade and looked fantabulous ! AND!! one person was dressed like the Scottish Disney princess Merida from brave it was like the friggin copy out of the cartoon ! seriously fantastic even though we were severely under dressed since we kinda did not have any costumed on but I put my grouchy smurf shirt on , that counts right ?! :D

Did I mention that I have been running a fever  since I got back from work last night accompanied by man-flu symptoms of course , in case you did not know it has been scientifically proven that men are effected more by the wee flu bug ( and many other things ) sooo it is not all for dramatic effect!

And at last I seeeee the light , at last the fog is lifting ..... ok yeah I had to break in to song there for a second !

I am proud of myself for making myself go , I had fun and helped a friend out , I also think there is the possibility that a disaster was postponed rather than averted indefinitely by doing something i did not particularly want to do but it was for a good reason and some people are worth putting first :)

in saying that women seem to get weirder and weirder lately , ok women in my life to be more precise before i accidentally offend the entire population of English reading females of age , see the thing is after my latest attempts at romance which are all over 2-3 months old at least now I came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how hard I try it will 85% of the time be taken the wrong way for whatever reason even if the reason does not relate to me 90% of the time ( there are no statistical basis for my statistics other than they feel right ! ) and so since then I decided no more second and third chances and no more chasing after a woman if a woman likes me enough she can tell me and we can go from there but I will not make the first move or utter the words , I will only show interest through behavior  but not say anything and to me that is fair enough , nothing wrong with a woman admitting she likes you and then she will literally get swooned and spoiled by me . Yet Somehow! I am still getting rejected when I am not even showing interest! once again I try to be the nice guy and ask a girl for coffee because i know she needs a chat and I once again automatically get ok but this isn't a date ! how does would you like to go to coffee = i wan't to take you out on a date? i thought dates were reserved for picnics dinners movies and if someone is special enough brunch!! not friggin coffee .

And that isn't even the only one! so can someone perhaps tell me what the problem that my mind isn't picking up or identifying ? seriously I am a catch , I have manners I can cook I mow the lawn take the garbage out change bed sheets work volunteer participate in logical witty imaginary conversations with real people  , what on earth am i doing wrong !!
So maybe I should make it clearer , I will not pursue any woman even if she is worth it if she wants me she has to say it , and if I made an attempt before and was rejected it won't happen now , if i didn't make an attempt and got rejected (even if i wasn't interested) and she has a change of heart it still isn't happening.There is nothing wrong with being a lone ranger , I would make an awesome lone ranger alternatively...
 I could apply to be the pope , I am very good at this celibacy thing :)

And now i am going to go pretendy sulk and fall asleep watching meet me at st. Louis 


  1. "There are no statistical basis for my statistics other than they feel right." That's a wonderful statement, makes me smile

  2. You aren't doing anything wrong... They are wrong. The "coffee" girl was rude and I hope you raised an eyebrow at her when she said that!

    I think you're on the right track though... It will happen and when it happens and then it does, it will go easily without any doubts...

    (I'm commenting as anonymous, let's see if you know who this is

    1. ok unless you are bee i have no idea i am out of guesses :p

  3. let's see you are too articulate to be lee that leaves only 3 possibilities , one of which has never commented and probably does not read or even know of this blog so that leaves it down to 2 , you are most likely to be either Lady G or Jammies. although your writing style makes me lean more towards Jammies.


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