Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Operation Elevate

There is a WONDERFUL person that I am honored not only to know but I am blessed to have her as a friend in my life, she goes by the name of the lovely Miss Lou Lou .

The Lovely Miss Lou Lou started something called Operation Elevate, the purpose/idea of this is to basically from my understanding elevate other people's spirits with positivity, where she got a lovely group of people ok some of them are not that delightful but anyway ! she has managed to get the majority to jot down a couple of nice positive words about each person on this list that she created , she asked us to forget the negative aspects ( yes I was not allowed to be mean even though I wanted to and it would have been funny ! but because its lou lou i had to respect her wishes) and focus on the positive in people , I found that many of the people I did not know that well but that inspired me to get to know them and find some positive things about them .

Do you see the inspiration that this amazing soul has accomplished ?and she has also worked so hard on formatting the lists so that each person has their own version of what nice things people said about them ready for valentines day .
I think that as of next year people should start taking Operation Elevate to their work place , within their families , circles of friends, the neighborhood/village/church and share the positivity share the love ! all thanks to miss lou lou I know I will be implementing and participating again.

and so here is my Participation for Lou

Louella you bring undeniable Joy to my life , your chuckles and giggles and snorkles give me faith and make me smile from deep within, your whole attitude towards life and the way you think the way you interact with others your passion your everything gives me faith in man kind , it gives me hope that there are still good people around and evolution has not failed at all , You Lou make me want to work harder and be a better person because you are living proof that there are still people that appreciate the small things.
if I said I love you it would not be accurate because it does not begin to cover it ! I adore you I look up to you and you have always been not only an inspiration but a role model to me .
Words fail me if I try to describe you or write something nice about you so I will leave it at just like twinks you are family to me I will always love you care for you and be annoyingly protective of you :)

Happy Valentines day Lou Lou , you made all of ours special I hope I can try to make yours even a fraction as good as you made mine , yes that means I will sing for you if you request it :p

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  1. *slow silent tears gather like glassy pools, and then spill out over my cheeks*

    So beautiful Anthony!! So very wonderful and kind and I am so blessed to know you and consider you a very very dear friend!!


    Miss Lou


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