Sunday, 9 December 2012

By God I have so much blog reading to catch up on !!!

So apparently  I may be back to this if I manage to find the time and mental capacity to write anything that is , the reason I am back is well it was requested of me , well ok no that isn't the real reason although it is true!!

I was in town with friends yesterday after having lunch at the Brazilian restaurant one of them told us of a magical shop that has just opened, this shop is capable of temporarily restoring youth , now its not like we needed that however! we decided to head there for desert . it was a pick and mix shop right in the middle of town!!! called Mollie's if I  am not mistaken and it just took me back to the days where I would be walking from school and managed to convince my mother to let me get a snake candy or those cola bottles , my most important finding of the day was GUMMY BEARS!!! which did not survive the journey home sadly.
it has been agreed that prior to seeing the Hobbit on Friday we will be getting more GUMMY BEARS!!!wooohooo , oh and guess what they are sugar free!

now that that is out of the way i can tell you the second best part of the last 24 hours , I have decided to adopt/rescue/buy ( not too sure on abduct just yet ) a baby squirrel!

The End :)

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