Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day 1

Day 1. Your current Relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

Well truthfully my relationship status is I am in an imaginary relationship with a couple of women and! it isn't one sided! 
Right now my main imaginary relationship would have to be with the lovely Lana Parilla , and! in my imaginary relationship she is not even in character and does not posses magic go figure , and it is all going well !

When I am not enjoying my amazing Imaginary relationship with this wonderful wonderful woman , I am contently single because after my previous experience I am trying very very very hard to not settle for anybody less than what I deserve ( which is somebody made of pure undiluted awesomeness if you did not know ) see I think the last year I may have hit rock bottom in a sense chasing a lass even if it was the proper way and being patient for too long was not beneficial to my hearts emotional well being and then my last ex dumped me because I treated her with kindness upon confirmation of her cheating on me , such a horrible vile person I am to do that right ?

So currently content living the single life because lets face it , emotionally retarded people such as myself should stay single because imaginary relationships are so much better anyway !! ok seriously i am not being pessimistic or anything but there is nothing wrong with being emotionally unattached if you have not met someone that not only deserves your complete attention but actually wants it . In saying that there is somebody that I like however I choose not to chase.

soooooo does this fulfill the criteria of day 1? ill add if you want to know more !

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