Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 6

                    Day 6:Write 30 interesting things about yourself {Things others may not know

  1. I have only cut myself shaving 3 times.
  2. I like walking barefoot or in socks.
  3. prefer pencils to pens
  4. more spiritual than actually religious
  5. I find it difficult to write things about myself especially things that other people may not know because i am mostly an open book
  6. I am only about 5'5 .But I make up for the rest with pretendy singing.
  7. Love hats! although the post about Freddie the Fedora may have given that one away .
  8. I used to be a cutter many many moons ago.
  9. Have never done a tour of London .
  10. My brain has a thing for accents .
  11. I am not a "playa/man whore" and my naturally sweet disposition is actually not me flirting.
  12. Me and heat are not good friends neither are me and humidity, in fact we are enemies.
  13. I do take pride in my argumentative nature
  14. Very seldom am I wrong .
  15. My temper is very bad and at times scary , not in an oh god he is going to beat me up scary no no more of an he is too quiet what should i expect scary.
  16. I have a good poker face apparently yet I have never played poker in my life .
  17. Although I like killing everybody in my video games such as my notorious assassin strategy in the Hitman game which consists of killing every single person ! I am not even remotely violent in reality .
  18. I am not an interesting person.
  19. There is a possibility of 76% that I would be willing to have pizza in my daily diet , if it was not that unhealthy and causes you to take a round shape closer to the ground.
  20. Believe it or not I am a shy person
  21. Despite my previously discussed sweet kind disposition and at times way with words , I haven't a clue how to talk to women in a romantic sense .
  22. I haven't really heard a new song in months and months and months, more fond of old jazzy music .
  23. At times I prefer not to talk to people and actively avoid them.
  24. I smile at strangers.
  25. Did I mention I like hats? because I realllly like hats! and no they do not cover any baldness!
  26. Anthropology is rather fascinating .
  27. My heart has been bruised for over a year , or was it my ego ? no think it was my heart .Actually it was probably just my ego.
  28. I almost always shed a tear when watching Dumbo and Bambi.
  29. I do not possess the ability to scream, hopefully no dangerous situation which will require screaming makes itself available because I will fail .
  30. I am EXTREMELY analytical and it at times ties in with my emotional malfunctionism, my spidey senses are not bad either .( doesnt help when i feel like ive screwed up because usually it means i did even if i didnt ! think i may have screwed up today somehow on this blog not sure how just yet though )

So maybe not that interesting but the truth is as number 20 suggests ,  I am not an interesting person who says interesting things or leads a terribly exciting life but at least I can take a joke !
right ?

31.I always keep my promises even if they do not make sense or end up hurting me , the only loop hole with that is many people forget that I always keep my promises and think they are void after communication seizes or something , but i actually still do keep 95% of my promises and try to keep the rest.

This post feels quite empty without any pictures don't you think ?

This picture was Lady G's suggestion after I pressured her in to suggesting a picture so if its girly ( like I think it is ) blame her :)

she was also kind enough to remind me of number 32, and give me this awesome picture she took her self!

32.I am a Feminist and proud .not in the traditional feminist way though , more the we are equal ok maybe i am a humanist ?

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