Saturday, 9 February 2013

I have had an interesting couple of days , soooooo I failed the test for the job I was applying for and I am quite certain that it is a conspiracy! because my math is not that bad and the questions were stupid but anyway! maybe next year , Yesterday as soon as we started the Anthropology lecture the professor looked at me pointed and said You! stay behind I want to talk to you , of course that induces an oh shit reaction instantaneously....luckily I still managed to pay attention or at least i remember Estonian statues being showed and a comparison between tanner and Sinclair evolution books or may be it was development i'm not sure,

Turns out he just thought I would be great for a postgraduate course in Evolutionary Medicine which I am not sure if it should be taken as an insult or compliment , I am an evil scientist damnit! or hope to be someday perhaps soonish hopefully it will make blackmailing easier and the bank account happier don't you think.

So then I went back in to work and guess what i did ! YES! I carried dead bodies around muahahaha

ok maybe it sounded a bit more dramatic and enthusiastic than it was , they were only dead pretty birds that were hacked in to for scientific purposes prior to that they were shot , prior to that well they were alive pheasants so I personally can not imagine them having that much of a fulfilled life anyway considering the suicidal tendencies or the desire to attack a moving car's wind shield if you will.

So the day turned out a bit better than I had expected alas my dark hole sucked me back in to it within hours and i did not want to leave the house but i did! I had a birthday to go to with no idea what to get my friend , girls are hard to shop for but guys are even harder to shop for ! so after much thought I decided that for his birthday present he is getting an Easter egg :D which is precisely what happened and he loved it! although does this mean i should get a birthday present during Easter? I am glad I went out even though I smoked which I probably shouldn't have but all in all a good time with awesome people.

I am certain I was going to mention something else but forgot what it was so perhaps tomorrow you will get to hear about it .

oh and its almost pancake day!!!

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  1. ..what was the main thing going through my mind after I finished reading your wonderful blog?...

    MmMmmm pancakes...


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