Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow, Death, and helplessness

There is SNOW!!! in bloody Tripoli!! effin real snow! and snow at home and I am stuck here!

had to get that out of my system, so Tripoli are getting snow the previous government has infiltrated the new government and the people in Hums are being used as live stock for shooting practice, lovely way to start the day don't you think? I am itching to find a way to get in to Syria but that would be counterproductive since i have no weapon with me at the present moment and i know nothing about the country .

I joined the gym the day before yesterday didn't like it figured if i pay i will feel guilty and go work out anyway so first day i woke up early all motivated got there they wouldn't let me in stating they are not open yet and won't open for another 45 mins..... zoooot went my motivation and i went back home since it was too sunny to sit and wait of course to day there is no motivation to speak of.

also changed all my passwords but i keep forgetting that thankfully instead of being blocked out of my account for inserting the wrong password too many times, gmail kindly reminded me that i changed my password 40 hours ago thank you gmail for that.

today my thoughts are not in order and are all over the place my brain is covered with a pinch of cold, finding it very difficult to adjust to the egyptian lifestyle which is just delaying my work, and my therapist insists my name is Arthur despite me correcting her and stating it is Anthony and my friend seems to think Arthur suits me more ... Wth?!?!?!?!

throughout all this that is going on in my brain and more there is still one question i am trying to answer hopefully within a time limit which is  " how can you make a remarkable woman feel exceptional?" tough question to crack.. i dare you!

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