Thursday, 9 February 2012

V day

For the last 2 or 3 weeks everywhere i go i see red  , red flowers, red ornaments, red toys, red gifts, even bloody boxers with lil red hearts, what on earth is the use of red hearts on boxers?
they do not make you feel warmer at night and they do not look particularly good.

Yes yes Valentines is in the air but of course it is also becoming a commercial holiday it is about buying and saying I love you .... money does not express emotion and the word is used so loosely nowadays,
why is it that barely anyone sits down and writes to the person they are emotionally involved with a letter expressing how much they care? in fact one could also take the time to sit and write it inside the rose petals so they will have more meaning i know i would if i could physically do it right now without them dying during transportation.

why is it that the majority try to focus on this one day as if if you spend enough on this day you are of the hook until the next occasion be it birthday or anniversary, do you see what is wrong with that? since when is there a time lock on when how and how much it costs to express a motion usually in a very impersonal manner too.

in saying all this it is a day that seems to have its own tradition and no one way to do it right however many ways to screw it up, like when do you ask someone how do you ask someone is it even appropriate do you need to ask someone ? or do you just express what you feel say what you want to say and hope for the best?
or do you go for the politically correct approach to spare any discomfort?

it can be confusing at times which is not good when your brain is going through a creativity block.... or lacks energy to continue writing the remainder of this post.....

I guess what I am trying to acknowledge is you do not need one particular day to say I love you, you do not have to say it just to one person ( no i am not motivating infidelity I am merely suggesting the other people you love such as friends family etc...) and you do not have to be so dull in the way you say it add some feelings in there tell someone how they make you feel instead of  just " I love you" or the nonsense of i can't live with out you / i need you .... that is utter shyte a human is not a parasite that needs another human as a host to latch on to and survive, wanting someone in your life because of various reasons and stirrings is all good but being dramatic about it is sad, if you can not live happy and content by yourself you will not be happy with someone else.

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