Saturday, 4 February 2012

I'm back!

soooooooo I wrote a probably not so kick ass blog a few minutes ago but it must have been quite delicious because wordpress gobbled it up without leaving as much as a trace, thus i am having to start my first blog AGAIN, such a tedious thing rewriting original creativity don't you think.

deep breath and.... GO!

I am essentially trying to give this blogging thing another go , to document these next furthermore 5 months of hell then maybe see if i have learned anything.

The goal is to learn something new every day or every other day, lose a lot more weight, expand my vocabulary without cheating thus learning another language does not expand the current vocabulary it will just add another entire vocabulary adjacent to the current default list.

my intentions are simple, to talk about anything everything and nothing, to be ridiculous silly and of course Very whiny, yes yes i shall enforce some whining control.

also id like to know why on earth do i have a song on my phone called " hillbilly music" WTBH! where id that come from?

so I left Libya a month ago or so and I am in Egypt initially the plan was to go home or go to Syria however that isn't happening and I have landed myself in a not so nice situation till June then I can go home, during this unpleasant time! i will try to make the best of it get my green card papers sorted out if possible, lose more weight, and rediscover ones self self growth blah blah blah......

yes yes my last blog was more kick ass and it is now time to check on the diet chicken!

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