Saturday, 4 February 2012


so throughout these 5 months I have rules I need to follow, I am participating in a case study to do with stress and the biological impact on the brain and what not so I am obliged to follow the rules some are simple some are tedious.

one of these rules is no hair cut or shaving unless using primitive methods that will allow your hair to grow back exactly how it is currently, so i agreed to no hair cut but after a while i missed knowing i have a face unlike cousin it where it is buried under all that hair, so the rules were extended that i can remove facial hair but i have to use that thing that women use with a string which may or may not be called threading i do not know , when i objected the response was " man up" of course my automatic reaction is CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

soooo after 30 minutes of pure undiluted torturing hell and not backing out i have come to the conclusion that no i do not salute any woman that does this no offence but it is pure Stupid! why would you go through that? my facial hair was literally plucked from my face about ten hairs at a time many hairs refused to leave the home land so the process was repeated until they were forced out , I've had infected stitches pulled out of my open chest and burns that hurt a whole hell of a lot less than this.

I did feel more manly and macho after this experience because i didn't stop within 5 seconds and say no im not doing this, this sensation lasted for 5 seconds till i touched how smooth my face was and felt like a 5 year old boy !

so why on earth do you women do it? a friend suggested it is to impress us idiots known as men well I OBJECT! if a guy does not like what god has given you he will chip in for cold laser hair removal surgery there is absolutely no necessity for you to go through that torment or waxing or anything for a fella and if you want the easy way shave! you most likely use make up anyway you can hide it.

my face literally hurt for about 8 hours after it, just the memory of it now is an ouchy, guess i will not follow this one rule and just shave or turn into a freedom fighter!

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