Thursday, 9 February 2012


Mother of the world they call it, with magic that holds you captivated, being there is like walking through its magnificent history which is full of might and greatness.......... Bull shit I say, it may have been like that in the past butt he past is history, anything that can only bring magic partially and with conditions does not deserve the title of mother of the world.

I used to love Egypt the history the might the culture the science advancement that preceded their time, that is all rather amazing but now ... now it has all gone to waste , the people now ( of course i do not speak of all as i do not have the capability to meet 80 million people ) put it all to shame, you have to "give something" to get the service that you are supposed to get anyway... i don't care if it is a quarter bribing is an act it has to do with the motive rather than the quantity you spend and it is wrong, they talk a lot as a nation the people here talk a lot to anyone wither they are interested or not listening or not and of course i listen i don't mind the listening you learn from people after all, what i do not understand however is the complaints about the people in higher ranks of government stealing the people's money  and that whole shabang which is true and of course it is with the people's right to resent that anyone would it is looting at the end of the day , but when you yourself try to con people out of their money take advantage of their good faith in you and over charge just because of that faith well then you lose the right to resent or complain about your government looters because you are the same, even if the amounts are different the principal is take advantage of someone whilst they think you are acting to their interest.

also if you love your country do something about it! start with yourself , little things make a difference like stop spitting on the roads stop littering on the roads , stop urinating on the pavements/side walks !( it is a very uncivil appearance not to add filthy ) you have toilets for that , roads are for cars and almost anything on wheels pavements are for human's ( and pets when being walked) respect your police respect the law organize yourself and everything else will automatically start organizing itself, it is that simple yet so hard to comprehend? there is a time for waiting and a time for acting waiting comes second not first.

What on earth is happening to the world?
it is like people have stopped using money to live and rather living to make money .

The real pleasures in life barely cost anything , you just need to stop and take the time to notice acknowledge and enjoy, when was the last time you actually took the time with everything you did and focused on just that one activity paying absolute attention to that one thing be it eating, reading, watching, having a cup of tea, listening to someone, without any interference without disturbance , when was the last time?

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