Sunday, 19 February 2012


people are interesting in a mind boggling kind of way, each individual is different yet many are so alike it is sad, maybe there is something wrong with me or i hang around the wrong kind of people or maybe it actually is the system here at least, its like every person you meet is trying to get a piece of you either by over charging , trying to con or the very least of it not being clear and concise and then saying no i said this not that, can you really enjoy any money you make by doing that? i know for a fact unless i work hard i do not enjoy what i make , easy come easy go at the end of the day.

i find that applies not just to money or material things it can apply to humans too, if they easily get attached to you and don't take the time to get to know you then it will just as easily happen with someone else and you will be last week's news paper.

peculiar things people are, many tend to focus on just one thing in their lives and unless that thing is going ok their life tends to collapse or so they think when the reality of it is that it is all in their heads, the most common example that can be witnessed is people thinking their life is falling apart when they lose a partner i am not referring to losing the person in a toy store or to his/her creator I am speaking of breakups regardless of the duration of the relationship if it was 1 month or 5 years ( although the longer it lasts the impact can be more difficult there is no denying that), some people think that it is having a relationship in their lives is what made them happy what pulled the pieces together so on and so forth.... truth is it isn't if you are not happy without a relationship/partner in your life, having them is nothing short of having a new toy that fascinates you to begin with then it blends in with the rest of your life and you are back to being unhappy.
what i am trying to say is that it is unhealthy to focus on one part of your life and let it dominate it just makes you miserable  be it your private life or your career or a hobby or a pet or anything everything in modest amounts created a healthy whole or a more balanced one at least.

people need to look where their going and start saying thank you more. why don't people appreciate the little things anymore?

yes i know its a whiny blog but so what?

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