Sunday, 12 February 2012

so I was driving ( i wasn't driving the driver was ) home almost midnight , best time to be out in Cairo if you ask me less traffic clear sky and hell of a lot less honking, you know its almost like that particular part of the car whatever it may be called honker maybe? was created for this nation i know i may be repeating myself but the amount of times an average driver honks in ten minutes is ridiculous, so  half the moon in the sky which looked beautiful and the stars barely a cloud in sight weather wasn't too warm in fact slight chill thus it was just right i used to love just staring at the sky at night very peaceful also i like to think of it as one of the master pieces of the universe staring elegantly down at you, i was looking out of the window ( no not like a dog with its head out of the car that occurs during day light!) and all i could think about was that i would gladly exchange every minute of sky watching/star gazing/enjoying beauty/whatever you feel like calling it , with just seeing the look on her face when she smiles because frankly the beauty is equal and not nocturnal thus double the magnificence ,
and of course I will not utter a word so not to make a further fool out of myself.

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