Thursday, 23 February 2012

any day that starts at 5 am when the day before ended at 2 am is bound to be a long day, in saying that I will have to admit I loved how the day started despite the off timing it is always nice to be pleasantly surprised and to start your day by talking to an astonishing woman , i then took my first french lesson which i still remember well most of it anyway I'm already starting to sound posher when i talk!

I then picked up the kid from the airport and the best he could say was heyyyy you look like snape, well thank you very much i can pull that off and still be awesome unlike you!

having my aunt around got even more stressful, as since her cousin and mother left she has reverted her focus to me once more and her mission in life consisted of telling me that i am wrong how wrong i am how i am opposite to the rest of the human species and how she is the best person in the world and of course letting me know how emotionally retarded i am in her eyes..... well maybe if you weren't such a waste of oxygen i wouldn't be!

i found myself looking forward to thursday more than i knew i would, as of thursday the house will be female free for a month at least and just the thought of that was Goooooooooooooooood.

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