Monday, 27 February 2012


After days and days of looking and plotting on the best way to capture a Fedora, I have finally captured the right sized fedora ! I walked in to the store eyes wide open to any sign of hats thinking they may have changed their natural reserve or worse yet set them free, walking slowly towards the place i last saw a herd of fedora's sitting down hands pretending to sweat in anticipation breath held in excitement as my legs took longer strides towards the destination and it wasn't there! all emotions drained from my face when then i spotted 2 herds of fedora's neatly sitting side by side with an unexpected one single fedora which shall now be known as Freddie sitting between them kind of leaning against one of the herds that were sitting on top of each other, there Freddie was slacking enjoying whatever fedora's do when they hang out on the shelf( probably gossiping or trying to flirt with the girls accessories in front of that shelf)unsuspectingly having a good time when I excitedly but very carefully I sneaked up to the shelf  reached out my hand and grabbed Freddie to find he was the last of his kind ...or so i thought.

I walked around to find the rest of his family but I saw another herd chilling on the other side so i walked closer  only found they were  larger not so cool fedora's , although that did not stop me from  grabbing one and trying  it on, i found it completely blocked my eye sight and would have made a good mask if i were pretending to be blind or i had super laser vision like X men scott or just wanted people to think my face started at my nose, holding both Freddie and mask hat I had to make a choice this one was too large Freddie was almost the right size considering my hair is longer now and so it was a debate between confusing people making kids laugh by being the half faced man..... tough tough decision but it had to be made , Freddie was unique and Freddy was the first to capture my attention and make me smile and so I adopted Freddie and he now resides with me living happily or so i presume he is kind of quiet but looks content with his new buddies don't you think?

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