Tuesday, 14 February 2012


just like any other day that follows a long week and begins at 6 am with barely any sleep the night before, truth I am not entirely sure what is upsetting me most the fact that i barely slept due to my aunts chatting, what they were chatting about, the explanation of what they were chatting about today which is truly horrific, or coming home to find the flowers did not arrive on time despite my extra efforts ok i literally went a lil crazy trying to make that perfect and they screwed it up such is life...or maybe it was other things screwing up my valentines day plans of going to the shelter and hugging all those lovely doggies, maybe its the fact that i find myself unable to yell or shout when i am angry/fed up with something at least my tone of voice makes the other person guilty ( in a professional setting ).

so my great aunt died, her daughter died , my father told me she died peacefully in her sleep then i learn that there is a huge possibility that she died due to starvation because her caretakers ( Daughters) were just waiting for her to die and did not even bother giving her a sip of water... What in Gods name is happening to the world?!!!! even if you know someone has no more hope and is going to die you try, even if you dislike them since you are there you fight for their life you help them you try anything within your power anything humanly possible to help them hold on not doing that leaving someone like that is nothing short of murder in my eyes, sad does not even begin to explain it ,pathetic also seems like the wrong word , what would you do to people like that?

so not only were the flowers not delivered on time I now get an email from customer service saying we don't know when it will be delivered to to high orders on the day ... no shit Sherlock that's why it was supposed to be delivered yesterday what is the point in charging extra if you are unable to deliver? stupid just stupid.

once again i am losing my track of thoughts and will have to just write later if i think of anything

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