Tuesday, 28 April 2015


many nice words that can evolve in to prolonged posts that start with V , such as value and vitality and vulnerability and virtue , yes virtue is something we are lacking , i seem to be able to talk more about negative things or well rant! than i can elaborate on positives lately, that is something i will have to venture in to fixing .

but one word currently comes to mind when i think of the letter V , ok i lie 2 words, because a second word just came to mind just as i was typing that !

V is for Veranda , a real veranda not a bloody patio that a pseudo intellectual will refer to as a veranda.
I am talking about beautiful old Italian/european verandas , in all their sizes that vary from gigantic , to teeny weeny !

I grew up with verandas,ours was long and made of marble and bricks,I spent many nights just staring at the street,people walking, the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, or just the stars at night.Many heart to hearts occurred on that veranda, it is where we went when my brother felt like opening up and talking, may he rest in peace.

it was a happy place, the war changed that of course as the amount of bullets you would find that have landed there rendered it unsafe, also the family moved to another place.
it was on a veranda that i also had my first taste of alcohol , i thought it was apple juice ... but it tasted good, i dislike most alcohol nowadays it was still a good memory though.

Veranda's will always hold a special place in my heart, wither i choose to admit it or not.

Also V is for violin, i like violins, maybe i will try to learn to play it in the future.

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