Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A is for Age

I fell asleep last night thinking of what A word I would like to write about today, something positive or funky or just random, but something that I can relate to .Many words popped in to my mind like Avengers,April,Art,Anchor,Asteroids,Artificial intelligence,Allegiance ( The  book I just finished reading) and Acceptance.

Acceptance of course hit home, then I realized that it was the word I used for the first A-Z challenge I participated in ! So I read through it, as it has been a few years since I last did, one word has popped in to my mind since I finished that , Age. God I was wise back then, funny thing is though I feel like a child half the time nowadays and a grumpy old git the other half of the time.

Age is such a funny thing, in my mind anyway, a number assigned with the passing of each year, a number that signifies how long you have lived but also what stage of life you should be in , the way you should behave, what you should be doing at that point of time,how you should talk and think.

Maybe its not age that is funny, more our perception of it, how we feel about it, it is so interesting to see how people differ when it comes to this topic, especially when you add the social and cultural aspects to it.

The way our experiences in life somewhat shape us to age differently, is so so fascinating, I feel that now I have more innocence and naivety than when I was 14 ! or maybe I have learnt to accept certain things and not focus on the negatives? that doesn't sound very like me but who knows....

The way we associate certain ages with certain behaviors and looks, I for one cant tell peoples ages from their looks, it is child,young ,somewhere in between, or old .Let's not forget the impact it has when the realization of certain ages suddenly creeps up on you and for some reason cause you to reevaluate your entire life.

To me age is just a number, to a certain extent of course. I aim to try and live my life without focusing on the boundaries of age limitations, especially since my brain does not seem to be following the normal aging process that is the norm.In saying that though, I must admit that I am fond of older people,the lessons they can provide, the experiences they have had, just the fact that some have practically lived in a different lifetime to the one we live in now, it is so amazing.

Is age a big deal to you?

Note: did you know that apparently Abrakadabra is considered a positive word? I didn't either ! there you go, you have learnt something new for the day.

A is also for anything and anyone!

Have a lovely day folks :)


  1. I usually feel half my age at least.. until I want to assert my authority by using my age, as in, "I am xx years old and I.." it rarely works.

  2. I always gravitated toward an older crowd; they were way more interesting. Now that I am an official member of that crowd I see why- we truly are more interesting! Great beginning and good luck with this A to Z challenge! It's my first, so we'll see...


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