Friday, 3 April 2015

Balance & Bravery

Such a small word , that can literally make the world of difference.
Balance is something I usually struggle with, it is something that is necessary in almost every aspect in your life, biologically speaking it is homeostasis, so when everything is balanced and within it's appropriate range, you are good to go .

But it is something that goes far beyond the chemicals in your body that do it all on autopilot.To me part of the struggle is that sometimes the line is blurred, at what stage does black turn in to white or white in to black, or if balance is the grey area, is one part of the grey area better than the other?

How do you balance out all the negatives with the positives in your life? fake it till you make it doesn't really work for me.... how do you know what weighs more ( without the use of a mental scale!) , tricky thing but so rewarding when you get it right, is it not what we all try to do every day at the end of day just to be happy? the attempt of balancing responsibility,family,friends,work,well being ,fun , to give ourselves the reward of happiness.

oh oh oh another B word! Brave!!

No I'm not referring to the Disney movie, though it was pretty awesome.
What is bravery to you ?

I don't know how many times I've been told that I am so so so brave in the last few years,especially after people hearing my story and what not. But truthfully I never understood it, I don't think I'm especially braver than anyone else,lets face it I am too shy to go up to someone and tell them they are looking pretty today. maybe people confuse my resilience and stubbornness with bravery.

For me to be brave is to stand up when everybody else refuses too, in this lifetime it also means standing up for what's right regardless, making a stupid choice or a choice that has many bad consequences under the impression of standing up for something is not brave it is more stupid in my eyes, being selfless s brave especially when its easier to be selfish.but the biggest bravery of all in my opinion is the ability to stand up to yourself and accept yourself for everything that you are,so based on that I am not brave at all just yet but working on it.
So many people start fights and wars,under the mask of protection and safety and bravery, that is not bravery in most cases it is actually just bullying or simply murder.Many also confuse bravery for sacrifice,they are NOT the same and never will be.

It doesn't take too much to be brave,and it is probably something that is instinctual,but its something you will see in the little things, the little things that count.

What is bravery to you?

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