Friday, 10 April 2015


“Selflessness is humility. ... humility and freedom go hand in hand. Only a humble person can be free.” 

"Don't let pride get to your head,always be humble"

" Humility is Divine"

Humility,Honor,Honesty ..... such easy words, so very hard to find.

We live in a world of manipulation and sugar coated everything,Honesty is never what it seems,hardly anything is ever what it seems actually, which isn't always a bad thing.

But here is what I have found,when you find yourself within a group of people,that show these qualities, you just might also find home!( if you are a lost soul like myself that is )

in any case ! this is too serious of a post ! and one of the best H words is actually Humour ! do you have a joke for me ?no i can't think of any jokes right now either, though another H word is Halal, and it occurred to me the other day that if anything out of the sea is halal ( that is not an invitation to try and eat a penguin or a submarine!) if you drown a cow instead of slaughtering it, would that technically make it halal?
note: I was not being racist there I am actually a semi muslim .

H is for hobbies ! my newest hobby is ice cream making, this has developed due to a memory that recently popped in to my head, of Nutella ice cream that I tasted in Djerba, however I have not tasted anything remotely similar to it since.

And so I have tried to make it myself  , the first attempt was ok ,  I mean it had nutella so no matter how bad it got it was still lovely! but the second attempt was GORGEOUS! and has made me want to make more ice cream and experiment with more flavors, only problem is I have lost about 40 kilos and have about another 10-15 to lose just about, it would be counter productive and unhealthy , I was offered a solution to this dilemma ..... I can make the ice cream as  long as I rehome it with someone else, perhaps if seducing women with my awkwardness doesn't work i will resort to ice cream?
cmon that was funny!

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