Monday, 13 April 2015


K is for KINDER!

the chocolate not the german word

Look at it !!! all that choice! all that deliciousness ! I am drooling just looking at that picture.

the delicious creaminess, the texture, the nutella and hazelnut inside it , it is so beautiful and wonderful.

I realize that you can't get much of these in america, and outside of italy you can't get many of the really nice kinder things either.

this is like heaven in a wrapper, that is how good some of these chocolates are , seriously you are missing out.

K is also for my unfinished knitted hat,that currently looks absolutely awesome :D

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  1. Love of chocolate seems truly universal. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if it can be purchased online? Oh, and I'm number 1285 on the A to Z blog list. Best wishes!


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