Thursday, 9 April 2015


There are 2 things that I do not see often enough nowadays ,which bothers me a little.

Gratitude and Genuineness ( i did not even know that was a word!)

Being genuine is something that is part of me , it has been part of me from a very early age, because it goes hand in hand with being honest and true etc... to me anyway. So I have always been as genuine as possible, I'm not perfect but what you see is what you get ( after you peel a couple of the ogre protective layers of course).

 I get and completely understanding putting a brave face , or a defensive persona every now and then if your'e feeling helpless and trying to fake it till you make it or something. But I find it disturbing to create this whole other fake persona that serves no purpose other than to make you 2 faced really,this whole other you for the purpose of well i don't even know the purposes that go through people's head honestly,but i know that often it is not necessary and is theatrics( I am not dissing anyone with genuine reasons for doing anything btw).

I also dislike the fact that genuineness in actions seems to be on the low side lately,so much so that when you meet someone that genuinely cares for example, the motives are always questioned, and the fact that someone actually might be what they say or doing things for the reason they say is not one of the immediate things that pop to your mind.
Maybe it is a culture thing? here most places the customer service is nice and people are serving you with a smile on their face and what not, but the majority of it is not genuine and it is well known,because it is a society of politeness, though is it really that difficult for pleasantries to be real? it isn't difficult for me, is it for you?

Gratitude! I got carried away ranting and rambling and forgot to write about what I actually wanted to write about, though now it will make the post too long so I will keep it very very very short.

People are not very grateful nowadays and seem to forget all the good things that others do for them, though not what they do for others, so much of the little things are taken for granted nowadays and it is really really sad.

So I think everyone should have a look around right now as you are reading this , and list in your ead 3 things that you are grateful for :)

Have a lovely day !

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  1. Often it's the genuine people that get treated the worst in our society. Nice doesn't always pay like it should. A fascinating post. Ally :)


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