Tuesday, 28 April 2015


One of these years I will actually complete all my posts on time!

U is a very tricky letter, it is one of those letters that i cant find a word for at the tip of my tongue or mind , apart from the word umbrella, I don't like umbrellas unless absolutely necessary , because they always break, i have not had a single umbrella that did not break on me. In fact the last umbrella i bought, broke the firs time i used it !

but when i dug deeper in my brain, with the aid of google of course, i found that the list of positive words that start with U , is still very small !

U is for unconditional, I am unfortunately the kind of Unique person that takes that word quit literally, or fortunately ?

Unconditional/unlimited is a word that is self explanatory , in my mind anyway , it means no strings or conditions are attached, none what so ever. Yet it seems that hardly anyone ever means it when they say the word, wither it being to advertise broadband, on your mobile phone contract, where unlimited actually means only 3000 , or with love, there are always conditions no matter what.

on am ore positive note ! U is for unbreakable ! yes I am referring to the Kimmy Schmidt show , which if you have not seen GO SEE IT ! it is wonderful ! be a unicorn!
I know that being unbreakable is not as easy or as simple as it sounds, it requires an enormous amount of inbuilt resilience, though it is not impossible. Unbreakable does not mean bullet proof,it does not mean completely unbreakable, i like to think of it more like you get fractures instead of full breaks , and of course you try to heal faster.

So U is for being an unbreakable unique unicorn ! It may not make literal sense, but I think you know exactly what I mean :)

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