Sunday, 5 April 2015


I know this is a day late but that is ok , D is a bit of a difficult letter because the first word that comes to mind naturally is Danni, though Danni has my heart shattered to pieces at the current time so I thought it would not be very positive to write about her, also it would be very stupid to write how you feel about someone who to cut a long story short,has proved to me that i am simply so easily dispensable , so many d words!

And so instead! this blog is a day late to avoid me being sad and mopey and pathetic.

D is for delight ! yes I found something positive, of course today is Easter sunday , and my lovely friend Brittany arranged an Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt ! MY VERY FIRST!!
the sun was shining, work was nice, I made red velvet brownies and a Diabetes in a plate cake ! ( caramel , nutella, maple syrup,cake! )oh and chocolate chips of course.

AND! my lovely Lara gave me a whole basket of chocolate eggs! all for me! yes I shared them.
AND THEN! my lovely friend Ioana gave me a BROWNIE EASTER EGG! Whaaaaat..... I didn't even know they existed, so I have a chocolate tower right now! it is soooo Dangersouly Delightful.oh AND THEN! Eric made us nutella brownies.

so D is for delight, it has been a depressing couple of months,I dont do well with heart break especially with the way and how much I loved Danni it has broken something deep inside me, so a day like today was much needed, just a lovely delightful day with friends and family, enjoying nice food and easter eggs and hunts( even though I got in to the nettles unfortunately)

I am grateful for everyone I have in my life, and I am determined to get out of this emotional rut.Yes determination was also a candidate for this post. I might take a picture of my chocolate tower that is sitting in the kitchen right now , it sooooo beautiful i almost dont want to eat it.... we know that won't happen of course.

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