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If their is one thing the British know how to do ... it is Queue !

Q is for questions, of which I have much more than answers, though today's post is neither about queuing nor about questions nor queens ,and not even quinoa  ( which is horrible , it tastes like bird food so i would highly advise against eating it, though it is super healthy).

Q is for Quran

Now I know that for the most part Islam is not held in high regards , especially not right now amidst the unfortunate high volume of terrorist attacks and all the isis mischief, though people forget that Isis actually does shit inside arab countries too that goes un reported , like the hanging of families in Derna for no reason. Anyhow this is not a post about terrorism.

As the majority know, the Quran is the holy book associated with Islam, it is the last of the holy books derived from Godly religions, I use that term loosely , as i am only referring to the main religions, and not in anyway ignoring any other religion that believes in a God or Gods, just referring to the ones of the same source for example Islam/Judaism/Christianity.

Many people have not read this book, many people burn it as a political action without knowing it's contents, however if you actually stop and read it you would learn so much, it does not just contain religious teachings, though they are many and we could all benefit from them. I don't say that to advocate Islam no, I say that because I have read a lot of it , and the so called religious teachings are actually not religious at all , they are common sense and human teachings for lack of better words, such as .... don't kill , don't steal, be nice to your neighbor, be kind,be charitable,help those in need,be good to your wives and all the women in your life, do not be violent, do not cause conflict, do not gossip,do not take advantage of people. Does that sound like religious talk to you ? because to me it is just a peaceful way of life for everyone to get a long , and that is kind of what it is , it teaches you a way of life, that in this day and time with all the added philosophies and misinterpretations of words and additions and subtractions , has made many people stray away from the actual simple message that the Quran brings with it, which in my mind is love and live.
Not to mention all the scientific stuff that were mentioned in it , that are still being discovered now.

This is a book that preaches peace,yes it has many rulings of things not to do and to be honest those are mostly beneficial, such as the ban on alcohol and anything that affects the brain , many people lack control and don't know how to stop at tipsy , and many people do foolish things when drunk, so the no alcohol rule is purely a protective thing as are many other things.

The Quran, is a beautiful peaceful book , it is also full of stories ! ( I love stories and story telling) I suggest that if you have some spare time one day in your life you take a peak inside and read it .

Have a great day !

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