Saturday, 11 April 2015


I is for I of course, though I have already introduced and given an in depth insight about myself and stuff in the post I , during a previous A-Z challenge, actually after just rereading it , tis still fairly accurate.

I is for Impossible or Impossibilities !( you better not have that mission impossible tune in your head now )

It is such an exciting word don't you think? almost nothing is impossible as far as my logic is concerned, it is all just a matter of time and opportunity.

If you asked me a few months ago if I thought it possible for one individual to apply for asylum and travel documents,all by ones self and do all the lawyer's work for him pretty much, and succeed in the UK . I would have said absolutely impossible! you must be having a laugh! ..... yet I have just received my travel documents yesterday ( I is also for International travel !) and I made the almost impossible happen.

Also head transplants are going to happen soon ! What!
I was reading the article about it yesterday, they actually have a volunteer and the test run is happening in a short few months, who would have thought ! granted if , or when is the more accurate term to use here... when it is successful wither that is now or sometime down the line, it will be misused, though the Intentions ( another awesome I word) that Inspired ( see what I did there ? bam!) this research is motor/neuron disorders. How revolutionary to the world of medicine would it be if head transplants are successful !!!
My brain is still trying to wrap itself around the idea.

Ideas!!! that is such a  beautiful I word how did I miss it !
Ok so nothing is impossible really if you think about it, impossible is just a state of mind, because with the right tools and parts anything can be done, just yesterday I thought it was impossible for me to build up the courage to tell someone that I liked her. But I did it ! though now I remember why I didn't to begin with... which is because I am an oddball and have no idea about how to date or the rules that apply to dating nowadays ( is it even called dating?), or even flirt but that is a story for another day.

What do you believe is impossible?

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