Thursday, 10 May 2012


So this has been an interesting day to say the least, first of all I would like to say that I wish a very happy birthday to my dear friend Lilian Milly Watersomething you have now embarked on the big 4 o and you are going to love every second of it ( that is plotting the sweet taste of punching me for all of the above)

Today I was abused or rather I had my arse kicked and whooped and everything like that by a 7 year old , a girl none the less! now I will admit that it has been a while since I have been around any young girls the majority of kids be them cousins kids or friends kids and so on are pretty much all boys my favorite child ( my mini me) is a 7 well 8 in a few days and he is a boy we wrestle we play rough he quite often pretends to beat me and he can be an annoying little prick quite often how ever the violence in this lil girl was unexpected ( no i am not whining per say but it did bloody hurt!) i was bitten and hit and pinched rather hard of course my hair was pulled too which was not particularly pleasant and jumped on im glad the bite marks did not last more than a few hours on  (all over) my arms, but i figured her parents are recently divorced her father travels a lot i would let her take her frustration out on me after all better me than a kid at school or a stranger, her 11 year old sister was very glad to see me too thankfully she showed it in a more pleasant way which involved cuddling and playing and of course asking a gazillion questions about everything i told her she can come visit the UK with me anytime she wants.

I also watched my baby boy doing his home work on Skype it was pretty cool I loved it and the faces he pulls I really miss him hopefully I will get to see him by September, I told him I'll be getting my own place and he automatically said Im moving with you!!! mind you there might have been talk of me getting a dog prior to that would that be considered bribing? hah! its his birthday soon I have no idea what to get him, what do you get a kid that has everything they need?I am very glad he has no interest in cell phones I don't think kids should have phones he did mention a hot wheels remote control car however I have witnessed the fate of any car that comes within his grasp , if a car is condemned guilty of any felony the punishment would be spending 2 hours with him.... in my professional opinion he tries to make them fly , cry , or tests what they are truly made of come to think of it I am rather glad I am not a small anything with wheels within proximity , so birthday presents for 8 year old lil boys anyone ? I am sure his mother would love it if i sent him a painting kit with instructions to paint on the walls ...... sorry my evil side slipped !

Oh! and 3 people died not far from where I was maybe 4 , the reason is still unknown to me the rumors are too many but for once I behaved myself and I did not get involved, my mind seems adamant on preserving my body till I get to travel , So thank you mind for looking out for me.

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