Thursday, 17 May 2012

Me being a whiny sooky sod

So 10 days ago I had my Facebook password changed to something I do not know because .......Soooooo I decided to temporarily stay away from Facebook since I have to figure out how Sullivan and Gilbert are going to be dealt with I have to continue arguing with my therapist ( that has now taking to hugging me every session which i find odd) about yes i do not know anything but in this case i am right you are wrong accept it get over it and move on .... she is trying to convince me to have surgery next week to have Fred removed , Fred is the latest and biggest finding .... my therapist literally told me to relax just relax because stress is not good for tumors and i just gave her a " is that so ? what the fuck do you think brought these on then! " considering she knows my family situation and that they pretty much are like a nuclear explosion of stress no matter how well they at times mean.

So of course I am being a stubborn arse and saying no, I will not have surgery at this godforsaken country and if i am given a headache about the whole thing i will refuse surgery all together it is not a life or death situation i do not like the fuss and drama involved with the whole procedure and I am a big boy I can handle a tumor or 3.

I understand that this is considered irresponsible if one of my friends was in the position i would show up and nag them to death , but I comprehend all the risks and factors ( despite my family thinking that i just think i am smarter than everybody ) and to be honest right now i am in no hurry when i get home ill get it sorted if it is not sorted by September/October it can wait till after because I am beyond excited about my trip and it takes priority .

also it is not fun finding out you have a Fred whilst you are trying to lose 40 lb in 6 weeks because it means no comfort food no chocolate no pizza no ice cream no hearing her voice damn my pride!no lollipops just dealing with it like a man ( which i am doing rather well I feel absolutely fine my lack of worry is concerning ) but it is a good excuse to whine about lack of pizza and such don't you think? cmon you would do the same!

and the sympathetic treatment im getting from the therapist and family members is starting to piss me off also , any ideas on how to turn that off without being completely rude?

Thanks for reading, I hope you are all ok 

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