Monday, 7 May 2012

Sooooo less bullets than anticipated thus I am not dodging bullets like I was last time, although with the current state of affairs it would not be surprising that things change by the time I return, elections are on the way and chaos is sure to spread .

Yesterday I believe was a full moon and of course I was mesmerized the entire car ride with my eyes following the moon although it looked kind of dull last night I was still transfixed none the less, i drove a lil today now here is the thing I absolutely love driving but since my accident at the end of August a couple of years back I drive but not the same there is a slight fear i still love it but only do it when i have to because i do not like anybody else driving i am more conscious of accidents yet i drive much faster than i used to so when i can i try to avoid driving all together especially if i have to drive anyone somewhere , but today i drove a bit and was fine it was nice i did not go to any main roads.

When love is in excess it brings a man no honor nor worthiness. Euripides

Also today was magnificent because I saw a friend I have not seen for over 11 years a friend I really really liked (maybe a slight crush was there) that suddenly disappeared in to thin air and nobody heard from her up until a couple of months ago , tonight I got to see her she just jumped on me and gave me possibly the best warmest hug of my life I have genuinely never felt so missed and cared for she paused to kiss my cheek and then resumed a tight heart felt hug, this coming from me the person that does not do hugs at all ok i do hugs but very rarely as my therapist pointed out i do not know how to hug apparently.

So all in all if I can try to be a bit more patient and do that mind over matter thing I may be able to make it till September. yay me!

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