Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You know something I am still finding that elephant adorably amazing! although it reminded me that I have never been on a trampoline see to truly enjoy a trampoline you have to seize the moment be care free truly enjoy it inside you which includes for those few seconds losing control or forgetting it temporarily just in case the word losing triggers some bad emotional reaction also known as traumatic memory or something

My problem is that I have an analytic brain as we all know by now in combat in a lab in anything work related that is not necessarily bad in most cases actually it is a good thing, however when that is applied to life outside of work it is not a good thing perhaps i am too much in control granted that means i am very guarded ( to an extent) even though  instead the impression that i am uptight or a goody two shoes ( i am very far from it but there is old fashion-ism carved in me ) is given , i am realizing how this effects me trying to enjoy the moment I can't enjoy the moment because I am planning for another moment which most likely means when that moment comes I will be bombarded with what if's and many other questions and so i will be planning for another moment soooooo as my walls ( yes this applies to your walls too ) keep the bad stuff mostly out they also keep the good stuff out .

After all wither it is a box of your belongings sent back to you from someone you loved dearly which pretty much is considered an emotional bomb or if its a crate of boxes of girl scout cookies left at your door , the door needs to be opened , sadly in life there are no peeping holes to view what is waiting if you do or don't do something and yes surprises are not always good , but i think its time to stop planning for a little bit and try to enjoy this moment and the next although i know for a fact they are not pleasant and will continue to be unpleasant  it does not mean i can not create a tiny bit of awesomeness out of it don't you think?

for example today my friend was asking me to choose between 2 names with her followed by nothing short of jumping out of the screen and threatening me if i do not show up for the birth of my niece bubbles ( Tianna) in October , honestly its like female members of the family can smell other plans months away! considering we do not see each other often although we only live a couple of hours away from each other its good to know that although you are absent people still consider you family , i know i know for a family man im not doing that good of a job ! but hey we are all mature students trying to get our degree in different cities .

Life is full of surprises embrace the joy each little surprise brings

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