Monday, 21 May 2012

not an interesting blog

Sullivan and Gilbert are staying and are not going to cause any trouble yay! no brainish surgery :D and Fred is lazy so it is not an urgent case and can be done at home .... and of course all this is not settling nicely with the therapist because it screws up what she thought was a break through in her research , better yet when i see her i get to bask in the glory of "I TOLD YOU SO"ness c'mon don't deny it we all love that kind of glory ! and if you don't well you are surely missing out.

Well that is my good news for today i am fine i will be living with 2 of the 3 and we have agreed not to harm each other so far, i seem to be losing weight which i am happy with ! these drugs make me want to sleep allll the time thankfully work is preventing me from doing that and work seems to be picking up ( YAY!)

I am attempting to balance out my life and of course misreading signs from the universe ( i believe it sends us signs i may be crazy but its ok ) i am not mentioning the signs i got because it is most likely nothing more than wishful thinking but i will consider them as a reminder to stick to the goal because perhaps fate is involved? who knows , looking forward to MIB 3 on Wednesday at least I think it is on Wednesday because if it isn't there are no guarantee's i will not go in to watch the avengers for a third time .

So today I will start hunting down shoes and start gift shopping , figured there is no reason why i should not take my leisure with gift shopping my dilemma is I am  not entirely sure who should get a gift and who shouldn't of course it is also my baby boy's birthday next week and I am clueless what to get him, what do you get a child that has everything? perhaps a tree to climb or a ticket to disneyland france?

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